Chemical skin peels are a safe way to improve the appearance of your skin, especially if your skin is dull or poor quality or you suffer from wrinkles or acne damaged skin.

Chemical peels are a quick and simple technique to achieve dramatic results for the face, neck and hands. They can be used an ‘one off’ to achieve radiance for a special occasion or as a series of treatment to reverse or lessen the effects or pigment and scarring skin conditions.

Conditions it can be used for include:






Chemical Peel Procedure

A chemical peel simply reacts with the very top layer of the skin causing it to come away, revealing a healthier, smoother and a blemish free complexion underneath. As the skin heals new cells are made and there is greater collagen production helping to achieve a more youthful and rejuvenated look.

Types of Chemical Peels

Glycolic peel (mild peel)

These are derived from natural sugar cane and come in various strengths. They remove the very top layer of the skin (the epidermis) instantly giving a glowing and radiant look.
Indications: for freshening up dull skin, improving skin texture & removing superficial skin blemishes
Recovery time: No downtime

TCA PEEL (medium peel)

TCA is Tricholoacetic acid and is a medium to deep peel.

This can usually penetrate to the deeper layer of the skin (the dermis) which results in reorganisation of the skin and increased cell growth leading to healthier skin layers and stimulating skin to produce more collagen.
The TCA peel results in a dramatic rejuvenated appearance.*

Indications: Removing scars, blemishes & pigmentation. Reducing lines & wrinkles
Recovery time: allow one week