Botulinum toxin is actually an FDA-approved medicine. Botox is a very popular cosmetic treatment used to treat wrinkles on the face and neck. Because Botox injections are unregulated in the UK, it is essential to use a fully qualified practitioner such as The Cosmetic Skin Clinic to avoid botox treatment that may result in a frozen forehead or total lack of facial expression.

Thread Lifting

This new concept in facial rejuvenation is a 30-minute procedure that results in a refined, lifted and natural appearance restoring the ‘triangle of youth’ without resorting to surgery. Silhouette Soft will give you an immediate result by redefining and adding volume and to continue to restore shapeliness for 18 -24 months.
Are you thinking about having a facelift but overwhelmed by the cost and going under the knife?

Chemical Peel

Chemical skin peels are a safe way to improve the appearance of your skin, especially if your skin is dull or poor quality or you suffer from wrinkles or acne damaged skin.
Chemical peels are a quick and simple technique to achieve dramatic results for the face, neck and hands. They can be used a ‘one-off’ to achieve radiance for a special occasion or as a series of treatment to reverse or lessen the effects or pigment and scarring skin conditions.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a popular option at our clinic for smoothing fine lines and tell-tale wrinkles. We aim for a natural, soft airbrushed look that gives you a refreshed appearance that everyone will notice but only you will know why.
Dermal Filler is a versatile injectable treatment that provides a solution to a wide range of aesthetic conditions and concerns. It is most commonly used as an anti-ageing treatment as it works to lift and smooth the skin, helping to improve facial contours while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.